Hard Work But No Results

I just bought a treadmill and I have been using it for about two weeks. I

would like to know if my legs are going to grow in size because of my running and walking on the treadmill? I have been doing 30-minutes workouts five times a week and

dieting and drinking plenty of water, but I haven’t seen any results. How long does it take for the body to react and for me to begin losing weight? –Grace R.,


If it feels like your legs are growing, don’t fret. It is quite common for people who haven’t exercised in a while to experience this feeling. The

great news is that if your legs grow as a result of your exercise, it’s an increase in muscle and bone density – not fat. What happens is that your legs begin to tone

up, and the muscle pushes the fat toward the skin and your legs feel bigger.

For this reason I recommend clients take measurements, and when they feel like

their legs or some other part of their body is getting bigger – take a quick measurement and in most cases, they’re legs are smaller. It’s important that you don’t get

discouraged. Based on what you have said, I believe you are releasing fat and gaining lean body mass simultaneously. This is great! You are actually making progress,

but unfortunately, because you monitor your progress with the scale, you aren’t aware of this.

I highly recommend that you conduct a body composition analysis

every two weeks. What this does is tell you of how much fat and lean body mass (i.e., muscle, bone, connective tissue, organs, water, blood) you have and how you are

progressing. So, instead of thinking all your hard work is getting you no where, what you will learn is that you may be releasing fat while you are gaining lean muscle


– Robert Ferguson is the CEO of Diet Free Life, nutritionist, fitness professional, author, producer and speaker who

has been dubbed as one of America’s leading voices on wellness and weight loss. He serves on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical

Association and consults leading organizations on health, wellness and enthusiasm in the workplace.


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