How much weight can I lose?

You can lose as much weight as you’d like. We have had people lose as much as 290 pounds. Over the years we have had thousands succeed with the Diet Free Life method to include 23 physicians who lost over 100 pounds. Matter of fact, one of the physicians [Dr. Bernadette Anderson] lost 165 pounds and recommends Diet Free Life to her patients. In answer to your question, results vary depending on where you start. People lose up to 13 pounds in the first 21 days and 1-2 lbs/week thereafter.

What are key differences between Diet Free Life and other weight loss programs?

The three main differences are: 1) We focus on reducing body fat and not just weight on the scale; 2) Show you how to eat what you want and still get results; and 3) The Diet Free Life method is an evidence-based program that has demonstrated the potential weight loss for men to be 47 pounds, and 33 pounds for women over an eight-week period.

How does the membership work?

You pay $21 for your first month, and then $9.95 a month for as long as you want. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel however, and return at a later date, you’ll have to pay the first month fee of $21 and then $9.95 a month. Once you are a member, you have full access to the eight-week Diet Free Life Course where you learn how to reduce body fat (lose weight) while eating the foods you love. You also have full access to fat burning recipes, mini lectures and our community to name a few. Click here to learn about all that comes with becoming a member.

Is the Diet Free Life method good for someone with Type 2 diabetes?

Yes. When the Diet Free Life method was created in 1995, and it was developed with diabetics in mind. With the Diet Free Life program you learn how to eat all types of food in fat burning combinations so your blood sugar doesn’t fluctuate too high or drop too low. This is ideal for type 2 diabetics.

How can we make Diet Free Life available to our group?

We have a wellness and nutrition plan that works well for employees and members of businesses and churches of any size. Our program makes it easy for groups to improve overall health, personal energy throughout the day and those wanting to optimize and manage weight.