The nutrition for a heavier person is often different than what helps someone lose those last 10-15 pounds. The Carb Threshold Solution unlocks the secret for personalizing your ability to maximize fat loss!

What’s your carb threshold index (number)? If you are not sure what this is, take a moment and read Robert Ferguson’s blog titled The Carb Threshold Solution!

Everyone has a carb threshold index. It’s either high, medium, low or very low. Once you know what it is, weight loss is as sure as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. With the Carb Threshold Solution you can be given a personalized plan to lose weight weekly and increase your carb threshold, which means you being able to eat more without gaining weight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential that you have Robert Ferguson’s Diet Free Life System™ so that you know how to make fat burning meals and snacks. This is a prerequisite for you to maximize the Carb Threshold Solution. You can purchase the Diet Free Life System™ in our store!

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You know “diets” don’t work. You may also know that weight loss is largely determined by how insulin responds to the food you eat and its interaction with your cells. The Carb Threshold Solution offers the only process that customizes a nutrition plan that addresses the level (range) of one’s insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity. FINALLY, you can take your personal weight loss to the next level while learning to eat real food in fat burning combinations to lose weight each and every single week.

Talk to any physician and ask them, “Should I stop eating carbohydrates?” The brain and body benefits from eating carbohydrates. This said, not all people can eat the same amount of carbs and still lose weight. The Carb Threshold Solution tells you exactly how many carbohydrates are best for YOU to lose weight and make the most of you energy levels. No other program or process anywhere does this for you.

We have physicians, dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers and wellness centers referring patients and clients to The Carb Threshold Solution. WHY? Because it makes sense and there’s finally a way to zero in and recommend a balance of total calories specific to the individual.



When you know your carb threshold index we can customize your nutrition plan so you can optimize fat loss. This is great for people “fed up” or done with traditional diets, individuals with type 2 diabetics and PCOS, endurance athletes and anyone else wanting to remove the guess work and fix their metabolism so fat burning is maximized.

Your Carb Threshold is the amount of carbohydrate calories you can consume to make the most of fat loss, energy levels and fitness performance. Robert Ferguson created the methodology featured in his Diet-Free for Life book and two nationally distributed programs (the Food Lovers Fat Loss and Diet Free Life Systems). Even though thousands have lost weight using these programs, it became apparent to Robert that some people lost weight faster than others, many hit weight loss stalls and unfortunately, quite a few gained the weight back.

After much research supported by scientific evidence, Robert created a patent pending process for customizing nutrition to one’s gender, body composition, age, ethnicity and fasting blood glucose (sugar). This is only available through Diet Free Life and removes any guessing or suspecting on how to eat for your body’s metabolism.