She Ate Cucumbers And Gained Weight

One of Robert Ferguson’s clients was growing frustrated with her weight loss. She commented, “I’m snacking on cucumbers and the scale isn’t moving.”

Ferguson asked her how many cucumbers is she eating, and she responded with, “I eat one whole cucumber for my morning and evening snack.”

Ferguson shared with her that she’s not eating enough. Her response, “I eat the whole cucumber.”

This is when Ferguson informed her that it takes 5 medium cucumbers to yield 100 calories. She was only eating 20 calories.

HERE’S THE DEAL: If you eat too little you’re likely to slow your metabolism and burn less fat. Nutrition knowledge is essential in this day and age.

A fat burning snack is 100 to 200 calories for women, and 100 to 300 calories for men. IF YOU eat too little you hinder your success.

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