The Collagen Truth

The Collagen Truth

Why is it that many vegans and vegetarians tend to have more wrinkles than people who eat meat?

Though it’s not wise to generalize, the truth when it comes to why we wrinkle is largely based on the loss of collagen in our body. As we mature in life our ability to produce collagen slows and this shows itself in the form of sagging skin, joint discomfort and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, the solution to this aging concern and condition is not merely taking collagen supplements. This is mainly because all collagen is not created equal. Then, you have those who believe the consumption of collage does not help while a growing number of companies, medical doctors, nutritionists and holistic coaches say it does.

This is what we know: Collagen is the most abundant protein that naturally exists in our bodies. As we age the collagen in our bodies does decline and the apparent outcome of this is wrinkles, joint discomfort, sagging skin, fine lines, gray hair and hair loss.

We also know that we can replace lost collagen in our skin by consuming more collagen. This could be through the consumption of protein sources like meat, chicken, etc. There’s also proven evidence that CERTAIN brands of collagen work better than others. However, there’s not evidence that collagen applied to the skin works.

The founder and CEO of Diet Free Life, Robert Ferguson was interviewed by Highya.com and you can read this article as it was written to offer a non-bias perspective and provide clarity on the growing use of collagen.

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics about which collagen products Robert Ferguson endorses, send an email to: lori@dietfreelife.com

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Julie Affolter - 19. Dec, 2017 - Reply

Matiece Thomas told me on Facebook your giving away a cookbook for a giveaway. I would love because I have been on a life changing journey since May.