Real Talk About Weight Loss / video

Most people know that DIEts do not work. Yes, you can lose weight counting calories. Yes, you can lose weight eating only pre-packaged food. Yes, you can lose weight starving yourself and avoiding food groups. But, when is enough going to be enough? STOP the insanity.

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Elsie Shaffer - 05. Apr, 2017 - Reply

May God bless you in all your good work

Kathleen Wallace - 06. Apr, 2017 - Reply

Greetings, I recently bought your book ; having lost weight before & back again. I’ve done the seven days & lost 5lbs. Do I now go to the recipes at the back to continue to the 21 days? I tried to subscribe to the monthly for $9 & change, but what came up was $ 150 per month. Am I better off buying the package DVD’s etc? I am Type 2 diabetic & the meals + snacks is very helpful in keeping on track. Thank you in advance for any & all info.

robert_dfl - 18. Apr, 2017 - Reply

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are correcting it.