Obesity Grows in U.S.

Obesity Grows in U.S.

It’s no secret that in North America being healthy is considered cool. Unfortunately, even though there’s more fitness and health clubs in history, and restaurants are offering foods categorized as healthier, the United States continues to lead the world in obesity.

Not only are Americans increasing their waistline, they are also being diagnosed with obesity-related conditions that are hindering lifelines. According to Diet Free Life CEO and one of America’s leading voices on wellness and weight loss, Robert Ferguson, he believes it’s not simply about what you eat and how often you exercise. He says, “One of the biggest problems for why we as a society continue to lose the battle of the bulge is that the uninformed are often influenced and misled by the misinformed.” He goes on to say, “The work we did with Aetna insurance in the state of Missouri proves that the solution to getting America healthier is not simply eating healthier and exercising more. It’s meeting people where they are and showing them how to make the most of their situation to include likes and dislikes.”

Robert Ferguson and his project with Aetna Better Health of Missouri was featured on FOX and The Tavis Smiley Show.

If you’d like to learn more about the methodology created by Robert Ferguson on eating what you want (and can afford) and losing weight, check out the Premier Diet Free Life Program (while inventories last). To learn more about the recent news on America leading the world in obesity, visit CNN.

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