Free 28-Day Fitness Plan

We are making available a FREE 28-day fitness plan that is part of our X-FAT 28 program. It’s designed to destroy the fat. To participate you agree not to miss one day. It’s an ALL or NOTHING plan that requires 30 minutes a day for 28 days. IF you aren’t able to perform 30 minutes of non-stop exercise, make it a goal to get in shape so you can.

To help you maximize the T28 fitness plan, it is recommended that you using the eating program of Diet Free Life. We are making the program available for 60% off. Use the coupon/promotional code: save (order now)

To get access to the T28 fitness plan you must subscribe to our free Weight Loss Letter (newsletter). You can register at the following link if you’re not already subscribed: Subscribe

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Morris Wyatt - 29. May, 2017 - Reply

Ill try it. I have an arthritic left knee so some exercises I may not be able to do.

Morris Wyatt - 29. May, 2017 - Reply

I’m in

Janet Carbonara - 31. May, 2017 - Reply

I signed up for the newsletter, will that be the same one for this 28 day plan?

Jacqueline Hyche - 06. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I am in! I also would like to order the full program over the phone.

Teresa Kubal - 12. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I have already ordered the whole program back in 2014 but I lost the journal book and want to restart it again where can I purchase it

robert_dfl - 12. Jun, 2017 - Reply

use the discount code: save
Here’s the link:

Jacqueline Hyche - 21. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I want in