Why Are We Over Fat?

Why Are We Over Fat?

More than 75% of Americans qualify as overweight or outright obese, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control.

Why are so many people losing the battle of the bulge? Is it fast food? Could it be lack of access to “healthy” food? In your opinion, why are so many Americas falling short on living their healthiest life?

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Tom Spence - 26. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I find it very difficult to follow a program, even one as good as DFL, if your entire family is not on board. That’s my “excuse” and I think it might impact many other people. If your family and friends aren’t eating the same food, it’s tough to stay on program.

H. Washington - 26. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I have two opinions about this, first of all so many people are over weight because our lifestyles are too sedentary and processed food is too abundunt but on the other hand I sometimes question the guidelines of what is considered overweight, for example I’m 5’1 and 140 pounds, wear a size 6 and I don’t look or feel overweight but my BMI is in the overweight category, maybe guidelines need to be based not on just numbers alone.

Dan G - 26. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I know some people who grew up with less, so now they overcompensate with more. Plus everyone thinks they know what good nutrition is…but most don’t.

Fast food doesn’t come cheap anymore but it is everywhere.

Marilee Nelson - 26. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I think it is as you have said before. People are being misinformed by the uninformed. I think of the different charts the government puts out. Growing up, I had the pyramid. It was the guideline on what was considered healthy, so I followed it. I got obese. My Plate isn’t any better, there are too many fast carbs. I see examples of this in the lunch room and I notice, older kids aren’t getting enough calories. All of these factors lead to obesity, in my opinion!

Judy Quintin-Arvidson - 27. Jun, 2017 - Reply

I believe there is a lot on the plate here (no pun intended – but it was a good one). First of all, people have forgotten how to eat – portion control is out of control. If people would learn to combine their foods properly, (DFL) things would go a lot better. Technology is keeping our young people from playing and being active. And, one thing I really hate, is the BMI – maybe these people are not all overweight. (undertall!) It will take more than one approach to fix all this I think!