KiwiFruit Are Slow Carbs

KiwiFruit Are Slow Carbs

KiwiFruit got its name in 1962 from New Zealand growers. Prior to that, the more common reference was gooseberries. Most people today refer to this fruit as KIWI!

KiwiFruit are SLOW CARBS and one fruit (2″ dia) is a portion when part of a FAT BURNING MEAL! Two kiwi makes for a fat burning snack. #dietfreelife #fatburningsnack #fatburningmeal

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SHARON RADCLIFFE - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

What other foods/fruits are “slow carbs”? I’m deathly allergic to kiwi 🙁

robert_dfl - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

We have the complete list within the Diet Free Life community. You can get the complete program at