Welcome to the 21 DAY FAT LOSS CHALLENGE.

Please take a moment and download the below documents as part of your Challenge Packet:

Guidelines for Taking BEFORE and AFTER Photos – Kick Off

Taking Accurate Body Measurements – Kick Off

Determining Body Fat % -Kick Off



Monday: Get a three-ring binder to keep your information in a safe place.

Tuesday: Take before photo and conduct body measurements. Review nutrition plan (way of eating)

Wednesday: Step on scale for official START WEIGHT and establish body fat percentage. Begin the challenge.


Each day, you are to return to this site and click on PODCAST/BLOG for daily videos and information on optimizing the 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge.


If you have questions, send email to or call our office at 805-642-8440

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Terry Diane Engle - 13. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I have books and joined yrs ago. I never could get back into website now ive lost info. It was a indefinite membership. My # 513.638.1980 can text me also Thanks Terry Engle (female) Thankyou

robert_dfl - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Welcome back Terry. We are here to help you. Also, we are currently working on the new site and very soon we will have our online community thriving.

Maria jusrez - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Hi Robert

Help! I have same problem. Member several years back and cannot login.

robert_dfl - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

There’s nothing to log into right now. Everything is on the site for the challenge.

Mary A Iza - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I was a former client and I did so well following your system “Fat That Doesn’t Come Back” I have since been through some major health issues and am now looking to get back on track. I am beyond thrilled to reconnect! Thanks to Robert and Krista

Anne Lezada - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Please sign me up for the 21 day challenge. I’ve been part of diet free life from almost the beginning. I look forward to a new start.

robert_dfl - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Go to the following link for info on the challenge. Also, make sure you are part of our private Facebook group: TEAM DIETFREELIFE

Here’s info on the challenge:

Renee Morano - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

It wouldn’t let me sign up for the challenge

Evelyn Joseph - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Looking forward to doing what I know works with your support!!

[…] To help you establish your body baseline (measurements, before photos, etc), CLICK HERE […]

Veda Crowder - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

is there another way I can download the official weight and measurement form for 8 week program..I am unable to open it with the program it was used on

robert_dfl - 15. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Send an email to and we will get you what you are asking for.

Valera Knight (Val) - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I’ve done it in the past too and loved it. However, seems like Dec. 1 would be a better starting point than it running through Thanksgiving, a little scary. That way, we’d hit in between holidays. I’m really excited no matter when.

Joyce Crutchfield - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I have the program and I signed up to teach your method at a moneywise seminar in Washington DC at the AME church. I paid the $100.00 fee to sign up and never was able to get with you to get started. I am still very much interested in working the plan and teaching it to others.

robert_dfl - 15. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Send an email to and we will get you connected to move forward.

Marilyn Curry - 14. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I am so excited about losing weight…

Patricia - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I just love the way he talks.

Taunya Johnson - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Lori, please send info about Trim. I also want to register for weight loss challenge.

robert_dfl - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Send email to

Julie Scott - 16. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Happy to be back to putting myself first!

Evelyn Allen - 17. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Good Morning Robert
A few years ago I was doing very good on your program, then I moved to another state, with the moving and packing things were a little hectic and I went off the program, saying I would restart after the move.
Well that did not happen and I have been frustrated trying to restart.
So here I am and wanting to do the 21 day Challenge so I can get back on program.
I think I signed up but not sure if I did or how. Hope that I am
I downloaded the directions and am starting Monday, I am praying that this will get me back on program. I can do this, I keep saying. after prayer this morning and asking God what program should I use, I was led to the 21 day challenge.
That you Robert for this challenge.

robert_dfl - 17. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Happy to have you back. We got your back.

Karen Savoy - 20. Nov, 2017 - Reply

I bought your program many years ago and did good with it. I am needing motivation to restart program. Not sure where to start with this new Facebook program or how it works compared to the old program.

robert_dfl - 20. Nov, 2017 - Reply

You are in a great place as we are in the midst of many positive changes. Click on TAKE THE CHALLENGE and scroll back to Day 1 and come on board. You’re in our private Facebook group right?

Donna Milligan - 30. Nov, 2017 - Reply

Very excited to find this information. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Thank you