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New Evidence That Nutrition Is Key to Weight Management

Diet Free Life, LLC has always embraced the idea that weight management must embrace three components: fitness, nutrition and mindset. There’s new compelling evidence however, that says exercise may not be the key to controlling weight. Researchers who studied young adults from the United States and four other countries found that neither physical activity nor […]

Real Talk About Weight Loss

Most people know that DIEts do not work. Yes, you can lose weight counting calories. Yes, you can lose weight eating only pre-packaged food. Yes, you can lose weight starving yourself and avoiding food groups. But, when it enough going to be enough. STOP the insanity. Get visit our store to learn how you can […]

4 Five-Star Foods

There’s many nutritious and delicious foods. Today, we feature four foods that get a five-star rating when it comes to taste and their place in a healthy lifestyle. Leafy Greens to include kale, collards, spinach, mustard greens, and Swiss chard. Packed with vitamins A, C, and K, folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and fiber. An […]

She Ate Cucumbers And Gained Weight

One of Robert Ferguson’s clients was growing frustrated with her weight loss. She commented, “I’m snacking on cucumbers and the scale isn’t moving.” Ferguson asked her how many cucumbers is she eating, and she responded with, “I eat one whole cucumber for my morning and evening snack.” Ferguson shared with her that she’s not eating […]

Carbs And Sugars Are The Same

What do you THINK are carbs? Do you think SUGAR is different than carbs? Here’s the deal: when the word “sugar” is used, biochemically it refers to a group of carbohydrate molecular compounds made from just three elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Carbs (carbohydrates) also called saccharides are easily identified: they end in “-ose” – […]

Burning Off Belly Fat

For years it has been the advice of Diet Free Life that circuit training [a combination of cardio and resistance training, which includes lifting weights and strength building exercises] is how you exercise to burn belly fat. If it’s not circuit training, the other recommended method is high intensity interval training with your cardio. In […]

Emotional Eating – Tip #1

Many people fall prey to emotional eating when they’re wanting to lose weight. The first of six key tips for conquering emotional eating, Robert Ferguson recommends in the video below that you can conquering emotional eating by first understanding that it’s feelings that follow thoughts and not vice versa. Get our FREE NEWSLETTER so you […]

Don’t Be Fooled By Cereal Claims

It’s becoming more apparent that PROTEIN is the macro-nutrient that contributes toward a healthy metabolism and ability to both lose weight and keep from gaining it. Next time you grocery shop, take note of the increased marketing of protein. In the late 1970’s and 80’s it was low-fat, reduced fat, non-fat, etc. Today, it’s the […]

Elvira Guzman, A Hollywood Mover and Shaker

Robert Ferguson sits down and interviews Elvira Guzman who is known for helping others achieve success. The owner of one of the fasting growing public relations and branding companies in Hollywood, Elvira is also prepping to host her own talk show. For over 9 years Ms. Guzman worked for and contributed to the success of […]

Denise Woods, The Voice to the Stars

Robert Ferguson interviews Denise Woods. Denise Woods’ work as a vocal coach includes Academy Award winning actor Common, Golden Globe winner David Oyelewo, British actor Idris Elba, Academy Award nominated actor Will Smith for the title role in the film Ali and Ken Watanabe for his work in the film The Last Samurai. She is […]