About Us

We are a company that is dedicated to meeting people where they are as it pertains to optimizing nutrition for better overall health, weight loss and personal energy throughout the day.

The genesis of Diet Free Life goes back to December 1995. It wasn’t until 2000 did Diet Free Life go from crawling to walking. Then, in 2002 after Robert and Krista Ferguson wrote the book Fat That Doesn’t Come Back did the word get out about a way to lose weight and improve better health without the feelings of a conventional diet [deprivation and avoidance of food groups].

The next big step for Diet Free Life took place in 2005 when Robert signed a deal to partner with Provida Life Sciences [AKA Alchemy Worldwide] to collaborate in the creation and sell of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. This collaboration rolled out May 2009 and the program quickly became the number-one infomercial product sold in North America.

After a couple of years, Ferguson positioned himself to brand his Diet Free Life methodology as a evidence based practice. With the upgrade of his methodology, Ferguson partnered with Aetna insurance and community agencies in Missouri to reverse childhood obesity and improve overall health with families in under-served communities. This work continues to this day and is currently impacting families throughout North America.

Today, Ferguson and Diet Free Life, LLC continues to work with Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, elite professional athletes and thousands of every-day people. Although Diet Free Life, LLC has made a name for helping people lose weight, it also provides courses, workshops and coaching for improving better health for individuals, employees and communities.