6 Day Detox Drop to Lose Up To 11 Pounds in Just 6 Days

The ONLY detox program embraced by physicians is the 6 Day Detox Drop. Why? Because it’s balanced with nutrition, a variety of calories and you’re consuming nutrients throughout the day. It’s used by type 2 diabetics and offers a quick and easy way to jump start your fitness and fat loss. Robert and Krista Ferguson created the 6 Day Detox Drop to provide people with a fast way to lose weight and feel great.

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  1. It is recommended u drink 2ltrs of lemon drink as well as 2 ltrs of pure water. It helps? ematinile more toxins. I’m on day 8 now. I follow the instructions drink 5ltrs of liquid a day (1ltr of salt water, 2ltrs of the lemon drink 2ltrs of pure water, + a cup of mint tea senna tea). I wear a massaging exercise belt for 1/2 hr a day which gets more muck off the my insides, I ematinile more. You are probably finished your detox. I hope you did well followed the instructions safely.

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